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2023 Race Results

APC Race 1 Dayco 150                            Start 10th     Finish 10th

Delaware 75 Invitational                         Start 13th     Finish 17th (DNF)

APC Race 2 Grisdale 100                        Start 13th     Finish 6th

APC Race 3 AP 100                                 Start 16th     Finish 16th (DNF)

APC Race 4 Spectra Premium 100          Start 12th     Finish 5th

APC Race 5 LRR 100                               Start 3rd       Finish 1st

APC Race 6 Mid summer classic 150      Start 5th       Finish 15th

APC Race 7 Stewarts Equipment 100      Start 16th     Finish 9th

APC Race 8 Stewarts Equipment 100      Start 4th     Finish 2nd

APC Race 9 GCR Castrol 200                  Start 1st     Finish 12th

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